Your Wedding Day.......

It is important that you are totally comfortable with every single person surrounding you on your wedding day.  Since the day can sometimes be stressful while preparing for the excitement of meeting your "Prince Charming" and exchanging "ido-s", you want to be surrounded by calm, caring and professional people who have the same goal in mind - making you look stunningly beautiful on your wedding day. 


You want your bridal wedding makeup to look flawless and be a reflection of you. 


In years to come you want to be able to look back at your wedding photos and see the wedding hair and wedding make up in those photos as a beautiful reflection of the person you are. 


In creating a unique wedding make up for each bride, bridesmaid/s and rest of the bridal party (including flowergirls, mother of the bride and mother of the groom, other guests) I will spend time talking to you about colours you like, colours you don't, the time of day of the wedding and therefore the style of makeup that may be best suited to a morning, afternoon or evening wedding.  I will talk to you about colour selection and show you the array of good quality, highly pigmented foundations and eyeshadows I use, which are prepared on your face first using a primer. The location of your wedding, if it is a mobile service that is Brisbane based or if it is on the Gold/Sunshine Coasts or at other beautiful locations. The requirement for hairstyling services etc, etc. 


The brands I use are of the highest quality, tried and tested, professional only brands which are specifically formulated for high definition film, photographic and TV work.


I also use the most amazing false eyelashes you will ever see.  These are truly black, full, soft and natural lashes, one of the best on the market and will open up your eyes helping to bring them out and up to enhance that perfect frame to your face - your eyebrows. 



Wedding Makeup Trial 

In order to ensure that you are 100% confident with the outcome for your wedding day, it is strongly advisable to do a pre-wedding trial of your makeup.  


At the trial, I will undertake a complete consultation including:

    • date of wedding;
    • address of the wedding;
    • arrival times;
    • ready time;
    • photographer;
    • photographers arrival time;
    • time of wedding;
    • number of people having make up done;
    • quote for services on the day;
    • any special requirements you would like me to be aware of.


The trial is also an opportunity for you to get to know me, me to get to know you, and to listen and provide honesty and professional advice on your makeup requirements.



I will also give you good advice at the trial about how you can best look after your skin so that the most flawless makeup finish for your skin can be achieved. 


This will include advice such as drinking lots of water so that your skin in fully hydrated, and properly exfoliating your skin BEFORE your wedding day.  Proper exfoliation ensures that your skin is as smooth as it possibly can be therefore allowing for the application of the makeup you choose to glide on.


I will also talk to you about the  specifics of your makeup whether it be natural or smokey eyes.  Whether you may benefit from the addition of lashes or not.  My advice will always be honest.


Most brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom, and guests commonly ask to have their makeup applied so that it is very natural.  Always bearing this in mind, I will certainly ensure that this is the case however when you have your wedding photos developed, I will need to take the photography into consideration and often this means that the makeup may need to be slightly bolder than you may have envisaged.  This will mean that the makeup applied will:

    • give your EYES - amazing shape and definition,

    • your CHEEKS - colour and

    • your LIPS - will be kissable!


Melissa Coleman Brisbane mobile makeup artist specialises in airbrush makeup for weddings, bridal and formals. A qualified and experienced mobile makeup artist and hair stylist for photographic, corporate, commercial, advertising, TV, Video, beauty, fashion and formals and also providing mobile spray tanning services in Brisbane. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and other areas in Queensland and Australia.


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